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BI Online staff group

Did you work for BI?

With more than 550 members, the online group of former BI staff is flourishing. Members' service in BI spans more than 30 years, up to the company's extinction in 1972, and membership embraces sea and shore staff from most of BI's areas of operation.

Discussion in the group is lively and covers many topics dear to the hearts of BI people, including ships, friends and old shipmates, reminiscences and the like.

Anyone who worked on staff for BI, or immediate family of BI staff*, Marconi radio officers who served in BI ships*, people who worked for shipping agencies closely connected with BI*, may apply to join the group. If you are not familiar with internet forums or mailing lists, the idea is that messages are posted by members of the group to the 'board'. Members of the group can then see all the messages (either delivered by email to their mailbox or available at a protected website) and in that way discussions on various subjects can ensue. It's a great way for a far-flung group like the BI crowd to stay in touch.
*at the moderator's discretion - see Q6 below

Apply now by simply completing this form ( *required fields ). This form can also be used by existing members to update their information.

First & Last Name *
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3. BI sphere *
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4 -Sea Staff: BI ships (please list all you sailed in) *
-Shore Staff: Locations & departments *

5. Other BI information you would like to give
(eg brief details of particular ships, routes, ports, appointments etc)

6. If you were not in BI but are closely related to a former BI staff member, give full details with names, dates, relationship, company name or any other relevant detail
7. What are your hobbies and interests:
8. Do you know any existing members of the BI discussion group?
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10. Present occupation:

11.Is your present work maritime related?
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I wish to join or continue membership of the BI discussion group and I agree to abide by the rules and guidelines governing the group. I agree that my personal details will not be publicly available and will not be given to any third party.

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Existing members:

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